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Recycle Drive Update :)

Thank you for saving and donating your recyclables to the Recycle Drive!

Our bins are full and we are ready for our next cash in!

All proceeds from the recycle drive go directly to the TES Student Council!!!

New convertible benches and tables have been purchased with the proceeds from the recycle drive and from the student store.  They are beautiful!  Thank you Mr. Murphy for making this possible, to Ms. Barnard for helping every other Friday and to Dr. Olsen for your unrelenting support!  Thank you Mrs. Lench for allowing the students to help on Friday mornings!

Items accepted at the recycle drive:  Beverage containers only marked with CA CRV.  Aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles.  Please place all other items in your at home recycle bin.

Recycle drive is in need of volunteers for next year to continue!  Please contact Stephanie at if you can help on a Friday morning from 7:15 to 7:45 am.  It’s a fun job and the time goes by extremely fast!!!  

Thank you to everyone for your support!

See you at the recycle drive!

TES Recycle Team

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