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PTO Weekly Update 11/11/2015

Happy Veteran’s Day, Thank you for your Service!


Friday night dinner – “Dine-In” at TES. On Friday, November 13th from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. in the TES School parking lot the TES-PTO will be 3 different food trucks available to choose from with kid friendly menus. All three are popular food trucks in the San Diego community and excited to be a part of the Food Truck Dine In at TES. This year we are adding a movie playing on the K playground. Bring a lawn chairs, blankets and join families for a fun and unique dinner outside or pick up food to go and take home. Invite extended family, friends and neighbors to join too. All the food trucks will be donating a percentage back to TES-PTO from their sales on Friday, November 13th. Thank you for supporting TES – PTO’s Food Truck Dine-In fundraiser.



The TES-PTO is looking for volunteers who are interested in volunteer positions for the 2015-2016 school year. This school year is a great time for interested volunteers to get a chance to work with the volunteers who are 5th grade parents or teams that are in need of on-going help because of the program’s growth. The following PTO teams are hoping to get some much needed help – Science Fair, Spirit Gear, Hospitality, Gardens/Playground to Plate, After School Enrichment, Marquee and Tierra Times. TES and PTO hope to find volunteers to help keep these great events and services up and running. If you are interested in helping out or even leading a PTO position/team please contact Kristina Hepburn to find out more.



The school office is now continuously updating Tierrasanta Elementary School’s website. The website address is Be sure to add it to your favorites.


PARENT’S CHOICE FUNDRAISER – Signature Fundraising

Thank you for supporting TES-PTO Parent’s Choice with Signature Fundraising Catalog orders.  The last of the orders have been submitted and the final checks were deposited last Friday. Orders over $50 are sent to your home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Claudette Steinhauer.



Thank you to all the families who have already sent in their voluntary donations for the Parent’s Choice fundraiser. This is how we can financially support programs like Art Corps, classroom and library grants, science fair, science club, Playground to Plate through gardening, Running Club, and more. We appreciate you! Remember that you can now donate online at our PTO website through PayPal, a monthly payment options is available. We are continuing to take Parent’s Choice – voluntary donations (online or returned to school). ANY voluntary donation amount helps!


The Playground to Plate/ Garden Program is responsible for all the wonderful gardens on the TES school grounds. The goal is to make sure all students receive garden time. The garden lessons are up and running for grades 2-5. Garden flyers were sent home grades 2nd-5th asking for volunteers to help out garden team leaders while they teach the lesson for the month. The Garden program is still hoping to find a lead volunteer to teach the already prepared TK/K/1st lessons once a month for 30 minutes. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Kristina Hepburn.


Thank you for participating in TES-PTO ASEP Fall 2015 session.  Here’s a re-cap of Week 7 & Week 8.   The Fall session is coming to a close.

Monday Week 7 – Nov. 9th 2:15-3:15pm
A. Tennis – fun filled last day
B. Mad Science: Last Project
C. Thought Stem-Youth Coding: Week 7 Regular Class (Nov. 9).  Class continues to the following Week8 Nov. 19 12:15-1:15pm.
A. Bilingual Kids – Spanish will have Fiesta on the last day of class
B. Sports Fun & Fundamentals- Will have an athlete’s choice game day followed by prizes and certificates awarded to the players at the end of class.
C. Jr. Theatre: Week 7 (Nov. 10th), we will continue to rehearse as well as learn new acting exercises.
Week 8: Open sharing on Tuesday Nov 17. The kids will perform a few short skits showcasing what they have learned over the last 6-7weeks.
Wednesday Nov. 11 No School ~ No ASEP in observance of Veterans day 2015. Thank you to our Military Families for your service.
A. Archery: regular lesson (7th class)
B. Piano Musical Minds: Piano Recital – regular lesson (7th class)
C. Irish Dancing: regular lesson (7th class)
Last class ONLY for Archery, Musical Minds, Irish Dancing vendors are moved to Dec. 2nd 2:15-3:15pm
A. Archery: open shoot day where the students can help teach their parents how to shoot archery.
B. Piano Musical Minds: Piano Recital
C. Irish Dancing: Regular Class

Thursday Week 8 – Nov. 19 12:15-1:15pm:
A. Soccer Shots: end of season prizes and certificates.

B. Robotics: Regular Class

C. Sing ‘n Speak Spanish: Regular Class

Friday Week 8 – Nov. 20 12:15-1:15pm:

A. Chess: Trophies are passed out on the last day of class
B. USA a Jump Stars: Mini-Show will be the last 15 minutes.
C. TGA Golf: Will hand out hat clips, awards and certificates for completing the fall session.”
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with family and friends – Nov. 23- Nov. 27.
Special Thank You our Parent Volunteers who oversees the daily Check-in & Check-outs.  Thank you for your commitment these last 7-8weeks:
Monday’s – Carrie Anderson
Tuesday’s – Hannah Vaioli
Wednesday’s – Sarah Crocker & Christy Little
Thursday’s – Caroline Granadosine & Alysuan Knox
Friday’s – Alysuan Knox
PTO President- Kristina Hepburn, TES Foundation, and TES Staff for all of their support!!
We hope to see you in our Winter 2016 session!
Maria Roldan
Parent Volunteer

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