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My Dear Fellow Pirates,

Thank you all SO MUCH for helping out with the Pirate Dance.  By all accounts, it was a huge success and I think it was our best one yet.  We sold way more tickets, pizza, swag, shave ice, and baked goods than last year and the year before.  The school was buzzing before, during and after the dance with kids excited about the dance.  We wildly exceeded my hopes and expectations for the dance.   At the end of it all, we raised [over] $1,200 for the school.  (Last year we raised $700.  At the time, I dared to dream we might raise $900 this year.)  We couldn’t have done this without you.  I am so grateful to for all the help you all gave:  baking treats; selling tickets, swag, and food; decorating the auditorium; and sharing your enthusiasm and ideas to make this the best pirate dance yet.  Please let me know if you have additional ideas to make next year even better. (More baked goods?  Free veggies?  New and different games and contests?)  Thanks again for all your help.



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